Dragon in Distress

(maafkan ya grammar yang belepotan, saya amatir. hihihi. lagian ini nulisnya di angkot kok. saya berjanji akan mengeditnya sesegera mungkin)

Once upon a time, there was a girl who fell in love with an azure-blue dragon. She was an ordinary girl and the dragon was a musician, or at least he think he was.

The azure-blue dragon bites her and then she transformed into a rogue-red female dragon. She was so angry for being a dragon, because all that she wanted is to be a princess.

So she left him for a journey to become a real princess. She was told by an owl that the only way to be a princess is to go to the fountain of love and met a prince who has to save some damsel in distress.

Then, off she goes. Fly with her giant figure red as blood. Big as a house. Every time she went, she was feared. Everybody tried to kill her. She was so sad. She was no dangerous; all she ever wants is just to be a princess.

And finally, she came to a great fountain as the owl told. She found no one. No prince at all. But then again, at the top of the tallest tree, she saw a cage hanging. And somebody screams.

“Help! Help! Somebody help me!” She shouted. It’s the princess, she thought. The damsel in distress. She flied up there to see what’s going on there. And the view caught her eyes.

It was a very fair young lady. Tears on her cheek, screaming for help. The female dragon asked her:

“Who are you? What are you doing here?”

“Aaaaa, dragon! Help meeee! Somebody! This dragon is trying to kill me and burn me and ate me! I’m too beautiful to be eaten. I’m not edible! Help meeee! My prince! Kill this terrifying dragon!”

The red dragon rolled her eyes and said, “I’m not going to kill you! Shut up! I’m just asking you, who are you and what are you doing here?”

“Really, you’re not going to kill me? B-b-but, you’re so big, and fierce, and… Scary!”

“I’m just a girl, just like you. I am trapped in this ugly body.”

“I don’t believe you. They said dragons are the worst. You’re a liar!”

The red dragon rolled her eyes again. “Okay, so I supposed you choose to be hanging up here than to be on the ground. I was trying to help you!”

“You’re gonna help me? And then you’re gonna eat me down there. Heeeelllppp! Somebody help me! I’m hanging on a tree and now a fierce dragon is trying to eat me! Heeeellllp!”

“Whatever!” The dragon went pissed off and off her go.

“Waaaaiiittt! Dragon! Please! Come back! Help! I’m hungry!”

“Seriously?” The dragon went back to the stupid girl in the cage. “What do you want?”

“Help me.”

Without both of them knew, somebody watched them from afar. The prince was in the same tree, tried to save the spoiled princess. He was that close, but then the dragon came. He heard all of their conversation, and feel pity for the dragon. He just didn’t know why. Perhaps he just falls in love in the first sight. Yea rite, do you expect this kind of story?

The kind red dragon bites the rope that hung the cage. She brings it down slowly and put it safe and sound on the ground. She opened the cage door and let the princess run.

“I have to go!” Said the dragon and she fly away. The princess was so frightened, but also glad that the dragon was honest and did not tried to eat her. Now she screams again for help, since she doesn’t know her way home.

In the mean while, the prince now climbs down the tree for the princess. But the dragon caught him.

“Hey, you’re a prince, aren’t you?” The dragon said.

“I am. Wait up; I’m going to kill you!”

“Oh, seriously? Why does everyone wants to kill me? I’m not dangerous for god’s sake!”

“And what do you want?”

“I want your help! I just want you to help me!” And the dragon started to cry. The trees that touched by her tear melted like chocolate.

“Okay, stop crying! You’re killing the trees!”

“I don’t know that my tears are acid.”

“Just stop crying! What can I do for you? And first of all, let me finished climbing down this tree.”

“I’ll help you with that. Just get in to my back.”

The prince climbed the dragon’s back and sat. “Hey, I’m flying!” He said.

“Yes, you’re flying. Don’t be such a child!”

“You’re childish too!” The prince frowns. “Hey, would you mind if we wandered along? I wanted to see my kingdom from above, and you can tell me your story.”

So the dragon told him all of her story. About her when she was still a girl, then the azure blue dragon that bites her, the owl who told her to came to the fountain where the prince tried to save a damsel in distress.

“So, what can I do for you?” The prince said.

“I don’t know, the owl didn’t say anything about turning me back into a girl.”


“Supposed that you kiss me, would I turn into girl again?” Said dragon. Her cheeks went red, but nobody will notice that since all of her body was red.

“I don’t know. Should I kiss you?”

“I don’t know either. But perhaps we can try that.” Her cheek blushed again to the thought of kissing a prince. Awww.

“But don’t do that here, above here. If it worked and you turned into girl, we will fall. We fall, we died.”

“Okay. Thank you. It’s a prairie there, I will land.”

It was the most beautiful place. The flowers blossom, red, white, blue, yellow, all the colors in the ground like a rainbow. They sat on a big stone and their heart went bum bum bum. It’s a new experience for both of them. Kiss a prince! Kiss a dragon! The dragon was excited while the prince terrified. What if the dragon burns him in the kiss? Surely it would be hot.

So the prince put his lips in the dragon’s big lips. But there’s nothing happened. The dragon stays dragon.

“Oh, this is useless. I will never be a princess, ever!”

“Perhaps I should kiss you in the fountain, you see, like the owl said, we supposed to meet in the fountain? Maybe we should do that in there?”

“I don’t know, but we can try that.”

The prince climbed the dragon’s neck and sat in her back. She flown to the fountain and they land in the water. The water was cold. Then he kissed her again. But still, there’s nothing happened.

“This is hopeless! I’m going to be dragon forever! Damn you Azure!”

“It’s okay, I’m a prince. You could stay in my palace as a princess.”

“But I’m a dragon. I’m big and red and everybody scared of me!”

“Stop whining, everything is gonna be just fine. I’m a prince. I could make them get used to you. That you’re actually sweet.”


“Hey, you’re a girl once, right? You must be sweet.”

Okay, this prince was some kind of player, and he flirts with dragon also?


They went to the prince’s castle. It was an old and scary castle. It ruined everywhere and it seems that nobody lives there.

“Are you seriously lived here?” the dragon asked.


“Isn’t a bit… bit too scary for a castle? I mean, you’re a prince, right? Your castle supposed to be beautiful with lots of people, lots of servants. This is, this is a ruined castle.”

“I know. Okay, we’re here. Let’s go to your room first.”

They walked into a long and dark passage. It’s getting cold and the air is getting thin. The dragon started to feel nausea. “Where are we going to?” she asked.

“To your room, of course.”

“But, it’s dark in here.”

“Of course it’s dark. You’re not supposed to stay underneath the rich light of the sun, aren’t you?”

“I’m not a vampire, you know that. I’m just a girl trapped in a dragon’s body.”

“Of course,” he said. “Now, this is your room. Get in.”


“Get in!”

The dragon feels scared now. She tried to run but the prince cast a spell and face a mirror to her face. “Ecce Narcisso Draconus Attractivee!”

He laughs out loud and suddenly wrinkles appeared in his fair complexion. It was the ugly wizard from underground kingdom!

“Dragon, now you’re mine!”

(to be continued…)


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